Problems with soldered boards


For the soldered circuit board, it is inspected according to the PCBA appearance inspection standard. The following phenomena are not allowed:
   (1), poor contact angle of solder joints, leakage soldering, and virtual soldering;
   (2) solder joint adhesion, solder connection between two or more solder joints that should not be connected, or solder joints of solder joints connected to adjacent wires cause short circuit;
   (3), the device is shifted, the component is laterally (horizontal), longitudinal (vertical) or rotated in a plane offset from the predetermined position (based on the center line of the component and the center line of the pad), component or element Move the position of the device foot to other PA D or foot positions;
   (4) The polarity of the device is reversed, and the direction or polarity of the component with polarity is inconsistent with the requirements of the file (BOM, PCB component position map, etc.);
   (5) There is a gap or height between the component and the PCB, causing the floating height;
   (6), wrong parts, component specifications, models, parameters, physical and other requirements do not match (BOM, samples, customer information, etc.)
   (7), missing parts, according to the BOM or the model, etc., the position of the device should be placed on the PCB or not on the PCB;
   (8), open circuit (open circuit), PCB line disconnection phenomenon;
   (9), reverse white (turning surface), the components have different symmetrical relative two-face interchange position (such as: face with silk screen mark and face-to-face reversed surface without silk screen mark), chip resistors are common;
   (10) Tin solder points between the components of the solder balls or outside the PA D;
   (11), damage components, board bottom, board surface, copper foil, wiring, through holes, etc., cracks or cuts, damage, PCB or button scratches and copper foil exposure phenomenon;
   (12), dirty, unclean surface, foreign matter or stains;

   (13), gold finger impurities, gold finger coating surface has pitting, tin spots or anti-welding oil and other abnormalities, gold finger scratches, gold finger plating surface has scratched or bare copper platinum.



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